Chris Doyle 180

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Chris Doyle 180
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When people come to town, I try to take them to a couple of spots. It usually ends up being the same schools I’ve been riding my whole life. For the most part, the school yards are like skateparks and have been done up by a lot of great riders in the Southern California area already. When Chris (Doyle) comes into town, he usually just wants to stick to the air and not do the conventional grinds and other street tricks. I guess that’s why he’s known as “Big Air Doyle”?

The photo above was kinda accidental. We usually end up riding the school and farting around the whole time. Since Chris is used to 40′ doubles, I’m guessing he sees things smaller than everyone else. This jump over the rails was no exception. It probably doesn’t look too big, but just jumping down stairs kills your wrists and ankles. I don’t think Chris even jumped straight down the steps first, he just went for the 180º. What you don’t see is that when Chris landed the 180º, his hands blew off the bars and he started to stumble backwards towards a 2′ wall. When he finally hit the wall, he flipped over and rolled down a small incline. After seeing that Chris was fine (I have no idea how) Bennett and I died laughing. Chris got up and in the Richie Cunningham voice just says “I don’t know what happened.” Chris is one of those guys that absolutely rules on and off the bike.

Brian Castillo

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  1. sergio says:

    Doyle is crazy

  2. Sean Zubek says:

    This is nuts!

  3. dan says:

    richie cunningham!so true!

  4. Drew K says:

    Doyle is awesome.

  5. cpmanat says:

    I own parks, thats my hood.

  6. Doyle is all that is man.

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