When we pay with cash, we put less cash back in our pocket. A real-time reminder that we’re slightly poorer than we were a few seconds ago. But after paying with a card, the card goes back in the clip looking exactly the same, leaving us with only a vague idea of what we have left. Some would argue that kids raised with an ambiguous concept of money management has promoted a mentality that has contributed to the current financial state of affairs in the world.

Here’s an impressive idea to combat that mentality and compel the younger generations to handle their biz responsibly. I highly encourage clicking through the product explanation, as there are design and product elements to keep things interesting.

6 responses to “Cache”

  1. Loyd says:

    I really like this idea. With using my debit card, I never fully know how much is in my account, so I’m usually left guessing. The color changes are a smart idea to keep track. Is it in production, or still in testing? I’d take serious consideration in this

  2. Drew K says:

    Im 16 and plan never to use a credit/debit card. But that might have more to do with my strong dislike of everything American.

  3. Adam22 says:

    I am a strong advocate of anything that involves stupid people losing money.

  4. Adam22 says:

    And Drew, not getting a credit card or developing good credit is one of the dumbest things you can do.

  5. Red says:

    Yeah no kidding…I love when people say “I’m never gonna use a credit card”….lol, we’ll see about that. You SHOULD use one to develop credit…you SHOULD NOT use it to run up pointless debt that you can’t pay down. If you’re only 16 and you’re smart enough to see what’s going on right now, that means you absolutely need to be building credit as soon as you can. you’ll be light years beyond most other people your age and you’ll be smart enough to know not to abuse your newly acquired credit.

    Having good credit = very good for your financial well-being.

    Having no credit = almost as bad as having bad credit.

    Plus, so many people have trashed credit ratings right now…having a good one is like having a college education circa 1965. you end up looking like a superstar just for paying your bills on time.

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