Where do you work?


Taj from Wejetset just posted a link in twitter to a post on Apartment Therapy’s Unplugged site with a look into the home office of super blogger, Brian Lam, who runs Gizmodo. With a site as big as Gizmodo, you’d think they would have a big office with a bunch of employs, but it’s actually completely opposite. Brian just works out of his house… On his dining room table to be exact. There’s a cool interview to go along with the photos about working from home, clutter, and living with electronics.

Check out the post here.

3 responses to “Where do you work?”

  1. Adam22 says:

    Read it, enjoyed it.

  2. Kurt says:

    This is awesome! I kind of fantasize about being able to be a legit blogger someday haha.. It’s really cool how as long as you have internet access and a laptop you can make a living if you know what you are doing. I’d be the happiest dude in the world to be able to just work from home on my own time doing stuff I love. That dudes into Gadgets, and I am into BMX.. haha

  3. Dewayne says:

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