What The Font


Ever get int a situation where you see a font you are into, but have no idea what it is? This happens to me on a daily basis, so I was super stoked to come across this iPhone app. It’s an extension of What The Font, the web based app, but they way it works, is you take a photo with your iPhone of the sign or photo or whatever it is has the font you are into, run it through the What The Font app and you’ll get a list of possible options of what that font could be! I have tried it a few times and it’s been pretty good… A few fonts didn’t register, but if you are into design and have an iPhone, this is a must! The best part about it is it’s free.

Check it all out here and if you don’t have an iPhone, check out their web based version!

4 responses to “What The Font”

  1. Andrew says:

    I haven’t tried the iPhone version yet, but I just downloaded it. I’ve been using WhatTheFont pretty heavily for typeset identification for my typography class. Definitely a great site.

  2. Red says:

    awesome…now I can just get someone with an iphone to look up fonts for me.

  3. Risto says:

    Thanks for this. If this works, it’s awesome.

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