What if no one were fat?


MSN has a great article listing the ways in which all of us would benefit financially if no one were overweight.

Read it here.

5 responses to “What if no one were fat?”

  1. jo says:

    how much is robo costing fit and s and m then?

  2. Red says:

    Is Robo the animatronic version of Robbie Morales?

  3. billy says:

    how much is that dildo in your ass costing your mother? Rob-O would kick your ass fool!

  4. sam stanfield says:

    dildos range in prices from a few dollars for a cucumber to a lot for like glass ones, billy. id figure you’d know for kissing ass. seriously though, rob-o aside, why stick up for lard asses. just today, just today!, i saw 3 people at least 35 pounds over. granted they were walking, they’re still way fat. and by one of these people scowling at me bc im riding and thin. i love how skinny people like me are chastised by fat asses and looked down upon in buffet lines. hey, i paid my 4 bux, lemme eat the fuckin house, ya know? america is fucking grossly overweight at its getting worse. my 9 year old cousin weighs at least a buck. its sad, kind of. we are the only country that puts up with this shit. cuts fingers off so they cant eat, put em down. anyone remember the pink floyd vids with ground up kids? our country would be a whole lot lighter, cleaner, smell like spring fresh fields and there wouldnt be as many cars that have a tendency to veer to the drivers side due to incompetence. thanks for putting this up. we need to address these issues now. seriously, no one is going to heaven for fucking anyone that fat. chances are, you’d be smothered.

  5. Jared says:

    It would be a good thing if no one where fat anymore!