Warriors of Radness on Selectism


Selectism just (and by “just” I mean in October 2008) posted up this interview with designer Trace Marshall which incorporates a look at the latest Warriors of Radness offering. In no particular order are my 6 favorite things about the interview:

1. The background story of W.O.R. and Gonz coming out of the Freshjive camp.

2. This quote:

“I can jump on the bus in front of my office Downtown and 30 minutes later I’m at the Pacific Ocean! On that 30 minute bus ride I’ll pass through 15 different economys with each one having an endless amount of local history and nuanced information.”

3. The strong Tecate theme in the photos.

4. This quote:

“Surf all day, party all night! Will that Fabric give me a rash? Will that fit get me laid? Will this t-shirt graphic get me beat up? Would my Dad wear these shorts too? How many people will this t-shirt graphic piss off? These are all the questions we ask are selves when designing these garments.”

5. The brand’s foundation on the strong opinion that, according to much research and experience, LA is far, far superior to OC. Correct.

6. This quote:

“It’s our life! This only happens in Los Angeles! We are creating garments people relate to. Maybe some people don’t even realize yet how much it really relates to them. It’s all about waking up in a pair of wool elastic waist shorts in the Hollywood Hills hung over in some girl (or Guys) bed you met last night at some function. Jumping on the bus down Sunset to 1st point Malibu. Grabbing an old busted up longboard out of a trash can, surfing in those same shorts for a few hours to shake off that hang over (or washing away or sins as we call it). Drinking a beer in the hot sun to start the day off right. Meeting some Russian models on the beach. Throwing on a simple button up. Rolling to Numbers in West Hollywood for dinner. Go to 1 or 2 or 6 different functions. Score some crack down town. Then end up in some Girl (or guys) bed in the Hollywood hills and doing it all over again.”

Read it here.

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  1. Loop says:

    Damn it Ardelean I’d only just put that blue sweat out of my mind since I know I’m never gonna track it down!

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  3. Ardelean says:


    It makes me want to say fuck it and be awesome!

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