TJD Defgrip Exclusive

The TJD guys hooked us up with an exclusive trailer for their video that will be out in the summer. Check out what they had to say about the clips.

“TJD is excited to work with Defgrip to showcase a freestyle video. It is meant to bring fun back into bmx while showcasing some rad riding. It features some well established names along with some under the radar riders. TJD isn’t serious, it’s about having fun with your friends on that common link called a bike but some of the riding produced tends to be serious. TJD is psyched to just ride and have fun, with a camera in hand to capture the moments and share them with all of you to spread the good vibes. Hope you all enjoy the trailer as much as we had fun filming for it, on and off the bikes.”  -Jeff DuPaul

17 responses to “TJD Defgrip Exclusive”

  1. Colin says:

    Exclusive… yet available to the world on Vimeo…

  2. matt barchus says:

    beasts of the east

  3. evan smedley says:

    soooo good!!

  4. gregrides says:

    please help keep short sleeved hoodies out of bmx.

    does this edit have anything to do with “fun is stupid” or does it just seem like it cause they came out around the same time?

  5. Sean Zubek says:

    Awesome trailer! Can’t wait to see the vid!

  6. hides says:

    sweet stuff going on there!

  7. fro says:

    “Isn’t serious” ??? how bout “Too Serious”

  8. Andrew says:

    I didn’t really get the “fun” vibe. Song and tempo was upbeat but I think the “fun” aspect was poorly conveyed, it seemed like a lot of other web edits.

  9. Nick says:

    Poorly conveyed? Is the term fun going to be philosophized in BMX now? Give me a break, the edit was cool.

  10. matt says:

    who sings that track?

  11. Stoked to finally see this up on here

  12. kowal says:

    zajebista jazda, nagrajcie coś dłuższego i mnie grindow : D wiecej Tw .

  13. Cam Barquinero says:

    That was so good! good work!

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