Simpel Video Portraits

Risto from Simpel Sessions just sent over this edit. “Here’s a short video of most riders mugshots at Simpel Session 09. We used these 360degree shots in the rider runs/introduction/scores in our live screencast and webcast. And thought it would look pretty cool as a one edit too.”

Simpel Sessions has a bunch of other rad videos on their Vimeo page including TV commercials, timelapses of their course being built, lots or riding footage and a bunch of fun interviews. Check it out here!

5 responses to “Simpel Video Portraits”

  1. Risto says:

    it looked pretty legit when in context. That was near the rider bios and info on the screen and webcast. Maybe in the standalone edit in web it’s a bit out of place, hehe

  2. Self filmed! says:

    i WANT LAST years format

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