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We had a really awesome warm spell at the start of February that lasted for a couple weeks here in Niagara.  This was one of the first days.  A bunch of people brought shovels to the Niagara Falls park and made some paths in the snow to ride.  Greg Henry rode through some puddles to get to this hip but it worked out pretty well and no one got too wet.

BMXFU-TU will be on its way to the duplicators within the next few days.  It should be available through most of the major mailorders soon after that.  Its looking pretty great and the video clocks in at a little over an hour with about an extra 30 minute mixtape in the bonus so it will be well worth the money.

Check out more of Scott’s photos here.

3 responses to “Scott Barker @ Random”

  1. Scott Barker says:

    Just so everyone knows the video was sent yesterday to the duplicators and if there are no problems there will be a few people at the Toronto Norto Jam walking around with backpacks full of copies for sale.

  2. Prashant says:

    are you Trent’s brother?
    I can see the similarity in the medium format stuff…good stuff

  3. says:

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