Marc Newson

I just stumbled across this video piece about Marc Newson on MoCo Loco. It’s from a BBC series called Imagine and you can check out the four other videos after the jump.

3 responses to “Marc Newson”

  1. Newson seems like an amazing guy with a good eye for design
    although i was dumbfounded by the ‘buyers’ section, is the world
    of furniture design that empty and driven by fame and chic that
    a guy who spent a small fortune on a chair opens by saying ‘its pretty’.
    The whole thing just didn’t seem as considered or conceptual as i
    would’ve imagined from a world class artist/designer.

  2. chris z says:

    Im psyched you posted this

    Marc Newson is the man….

  3. says:

    Now it’s time to decide your specific investments.