Insult to Injury – Audi commericals


Don’t let Lexus’ boring ass cars rob you of your identity.

Seriously I don’t even like Audi and I love these commercials. First this, now these two new spots.

Here’s the first one.

Here’s an even better one.

  • GAY Rights Are Being overlooked
    Chris Duncan Clothing is accepting applications from all Homosexual Bmxers.
    The hatemongers must leave the sport.
    CDC is adopting the initiative to end the gay bmx discrimination.
    Submit apps by emailing them to:
    Join us to end the Discrimination.

  • Chris Duncan Clothing

    no homo

  • Yeah ever since Transporter used the A8 and the car actually did a kick flip in one of the movies I have been in love.

  • tom nemel

    i love that audi isnt afraid to make enemies, i wish more companies had the balls to point out the obvious

  • Torgrim Gustavsen

    what, dont you like audi? those are the nicest cars i the world ^^

  • carlito brigante

    agreed, how can you not like audi? it’s called quattro.

  • TEI

    I like Audi 🙂