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This past January was my first trip across the pond to Europe. While en route to Simpel Session in Estonia, I was traveling alone and had a nine and a half hour layover in Amsterdam so I took the train from the airport into the city center—an adventure in and of itself.

When I got out of the train station, I walked down the main street until I got to this courtyard where hundreds of pigeons were flocking to whoever would feed them. The birds weren’t shy and showed no regard for the humans they were attacking to get to the French fries they wanted, making for quite a spectacle. I didn’t speak to this girl, but I got in as close as I could with the fisheye and snapped this gem before getting the hell out of there as to not be shit on by our feathered friends. And no, that’s not bird crap all over her jacket…just dusty film.

Two lessons learned here…
1) If you don’t want to be attacked by pigeons, don’t walk around Amsterdam waving your French fries about.
2) If you don’t want dust all over your film scans, don’t leave your negatives sitting out for two weeks while waiting for the scanner to be fixed.

Camera: Canon Rebel-G
Lens: Canon 15mm
Film: Kodak Tmax 400
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date: January 11, 2009

– Fat Tony

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3 responses to “FAT TONY @ RANDOM”

  1. andrew says:

    sweeeeet photo

  2. You should’ve lied and said it was bird shit.

  3. nanoo.net says:

    Traders do pay direct and indirect prices.