Defgrip Original – Greyboy

It’s interesting when you get to meet someone who you just never thought you would get to meet and it’s also interesting to find out that someone who you’ve been into because of their music has the same passions as you. I’ve been listening to Greyboy’s music for years, never having any idea he was into BMX. I think it was sometime in 2007, when Greyboy was on the cover of Dwell riding a cruiser, that I realized he was into BMX. Through a few random events, some emails, and a couple of phone calls, he invited the Defgrip crew over to his place to meet up. Throughout the past year, we’ve all become friends, hung out a bunch, and I’ve learned a lot about Greyboy.

Some people are into BMX and collecting or whatever, but Greyboy is more than that… He lives BMX. I’m saying that in a different way than I would talk about a kid that rides all day and all night. Greyboy is a serious collector and his life is surrounded by BMX. Each time I would go to his house, the place would be arranged differently. He would swap out furniture, have different mixing board and turn tables set up, but one thing that would remain the same was the mass amount of BMX parts and bikes. I’m pretty sure he knows more about BMX then the whole Defgrip crew combined… And throw in his friend Truly Odd, you can’t mess with their knowledge. We’d be hanging out, talking about music or BMX or whatever and the whole time Greyboy and Truly would be on ebay hunting for parts. It’s all day for those guys and I think it really translates into all aspects of Greyboy’s life. If he’s going to do something, he’s going to dig as deep as he possibly, pic out all the details, learn the history, and go crazy!

filmed by Andrew McMullen
edited by

7 responses to “Defgrip Original – Greyboy”

  1. Harley says:

    Great stuff H, you and Andrew did a solid job on this one. I’ve been into Greyboy’s stuff off and on and, as someone who listens to and plays a great deal of music, have always respected his appreciation of music in general. Kudos!

  2. smoovebert says:

    haha yeah, i didn’t know there were other bmxer/modernist/dj’s out there until recently either. grey is rad and i’m stoked to see him even riding a new school brakeless whip these days.

  3. Andrew says:

    this is probably the most solid defgrip original put out yet from an overall standpoint.

  4. Chriz says:

    Yet again, Defgrip Originals never let me down. Really Enjoyed it!!

  5. Really awesome, didn’t know anything about Greyboy till now. Informed upwards of 69%

  6. says:

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