Cut and Paste


Anthem has been one of my favorite magazines since I picked my first issue up seven years ago. They have been putting out amazing content since day one and I continue to be inspired by every issue. I was just on their site and stumbled upon this post from Dustin A. Beatty, the editor-in-chief about Purple Magazine and the new Purple Diary. As much as we rely on blogs for our daily content and news, it is still very hard to find a blog that can compete on the same level as a good magazine. I’m not saying that I think all blogs and websites are poorly crafted, I just think there is a lot of truth in the text below.

“To paraphrase an old editor-in-chief at Esquire: A magazine is really only as good as its editors. We’d like to think that in the Digital Age the ubiquity of amateur journalism, photography and blogs won’t effectively kill the voice of editors who are afforded special access to the lives of those in fashion, film, art, music and design. Editors like Purple Magazine‘s Olivier Zahm have these relationships, connections, and knowledge to put together a professional product, one that can’t be duplicated by college students sitting in their dorm rooms aggregating a host of blog content from the world over in an effort to make $1.33 a month on Google’s AdSense.”

So, as I finish aggregating a host of blog content from the world, go pick up an issue of Anthem and get inspired.

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    Thanks for that Harrison!

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