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I just got a Contax G2 and did a post about it on my personal blog. Nuno and I have been having a lot of discussions about what we should post on Defgrip vs. our personal sites and we decided I should run this post here. I’m super psyched on my G2 and you can read all about why I picked the camera up after the jump as well as check out some of the first photos I shot with it.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new film camera for a while. I lost my Yashica T4 in Vegas last October and started the hunt looking for a new point and shoot. I had decided I was going to go with a Contax T2 rather than a Yashica and bid on a few T2’s on ebay. I’m not up on all the ebay secretes and was out bid at the last second on all the cameras I was into. I wasn’t in a rush, so I kept my eye out and continued to read up on the cameras. I’ve been into Contax for a while and have always liked the G1’s and G2’s, their rangefinders. I bought my first rangefinder, a Canon Canonet, on ebay a little over a year ago and have had a lot of fun with it. I recently just started using the flash and shot a few photos at this Red Bull DJ thing I went to with the MacNeil crew (check the photos here).


After the post I did about point and shoot cameras, I got a lot of emails from friends giving me feedback on the p&s cameras they have and what they think I should get. Everyone was backing up the T2, but for some reason, I was feeling like I wanted more of a camera right now. I had finally decided what I was going to get and my plan was to get a T2 now and a G2 for the summer… I’m not sure what happened, but that plan quickly went south when Chad Moore pointed me to They had a nice selection of Contax and a lot of options for the G2’s. Michaela and I had decided to get each other wedding gifts. I got here some earrings at Tiffany’s, but I had yet to pick my gift… What better way to spend someone you love’s money than on cameras… So that was pretty much it. The gift/keh… I was going for the G2.


I picked up a body that is in amazing condition… Looks brand new. I went with the f2 45mm lens and a TLA 200 flash and since you can never ship anything good to Canada, I had it shipped to my mom’s in Seattle. I picked the camera on my way to Portland and have had nothing but good luck with it. The quality and clarity of the photos are amazing and I’m super psyched I went with the G2. I’m still trying to get comfortable with the autofocus, but things like that come with time behind the lens.


I still think I’ll pick up a T2 because there is nothing like throwing a camera in your back pocket, but I’m not sure if I’ll use anything more than the G2 for a long time. Here’s a few shots of the first roll I ran through it. I think the film was just some drugstore bought Fuji Super HQ and I got them processed and scanned at the drug store… No better way to go! Hahaha. Oh, the photos are from a little poker game that I definitely didn’t win at Chris Martindale, Casey, and Josh’s place, with Josh Kechloian, Brian Chase, Burley, and Andrew McMullen.


You can check out all my G2 photos on Flickr here.




9 responses to “Contax G2”

  1. Albert says:

    Art fag.

  2. Ryan says:

    Damn Harrison no later did I receive my S2000HD, that I stumble upon this post and If only I had window shopped a little more…

  3. an old acquaintenace says:

    I just picked up one of these set ups body and the 45 and flash and other goodies at Jim’s in the U district and 28, 35, 90 from Glazer’s for under 1500. They still had some other lenses at Glazer’s, cant remember which for sure but give them a call and race down.

  4. matts says:

    what kind of dog is that? is that one of those australian cattle dogs?

  5. Chad Moore says:


  6. Jason- says:

    I just found my Minolta X700 that my dad gave me when I was 12. Stoked! The G2 images look tight though. Nice color!

  7. Nuno says:

    Nice! Im stoked on my X-700.

  8. Red says:

    It looks like an aussie cattle dog to me…awesome looking dog and great shots, too.

  9. Charlene says:

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