Chris comes through with what might be our first “@ random” featuring a sequence.


Recently I had the pleasure of putting together an interview with Harry Main, which you can see in the current issue of Ride UK. Although he’s got both the ability to go massive and string together more technical tricks, it was the former we wanted to capture more of since it plays to the strengths of the magazine as a medium.

Both video and photography are only representative to a certain extent: Photography in the sense that it condenses reality into a single, scrutable, high resolution frame; video in the sense that it condenses reality into a fluid succession of lower resolution frames. Sequences should be the best of both worlds; all the resolution of a photo with the chronological aspect of video. But more often than not they end up being neither one nor the other, neither here nor there. So it wasn’t surprising that the only sequence we did shoot was the only thing that didn’t run … Still, it’s a testament to Harry’s riding when you consider that this 540 bars was done surrounded by
flashes going off five times per second.

-Chris Hill Scott.

Be sure to check out Chris’s site HERE.

6 responses to “CHRIS HILL-SCOTT @ RANDOM”

  1. alöx says:

    hot. which setup youve used?

  2. Andrew says:

    i like the admission that sequences aren’t necessarily photographys. i’d actually venture out there and say that in essence, that shooting a sequence is more videography than photography, just at a lower amount of frames per second. just my personal opinion!

  3. Jason- says:

    Not sure if I agree with the ^ above statement. Seems there’s a lot that goes into shooting a sequence over filming someone. Just one mans opinion. I think it’s a well photographed seq.

  4. Dunk says:

    Chris Hill-Scott, your lighting is always perfect, and your words precise. You should do a book or suink.

  5. James Wade says:

    The fact that that 5-barspin sequence wasn’t run really must be testament to how dope all the other shots were.

    That sequence is amazing, dope light and almost perfect bars shot.

  6. says:

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