Captured: Heath & Ryan


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This photo was shot in August 08 after the Dew Tour in Portland. I had driven down from Vancouver with Gary Young and Andrew McMullen. Andrew and I hadn’t been to a Dew before, and since Gary had been in Vancouver we decided to make a road trip around it. The weather was pretty bad on the way down, so other than a quick session at the Greenlake park in Seattle, we didn’t ride anything. Our time in Portland during the contest was pretty much the same, we just chilled at the hotel, watched the contest and hit some of the parties.

On Sunday after the contest was over, we met up with Heath Pinter, Fudger, Dave Mavro, and the DC Guys… I think it was just Chris Doyle, Corey Bohan and their TM. They were going on a trails trip after the contest and had plans to hit all the spots in Oregon and Washington. Gary, Andrew and I had some time to kill, so we had some food with those guys, met up with Jesse Whaley and a few locals and they took all of us to a new trails spot. I don’t remember the name or details, but it wasn’t far outside of the city and had one of the craziest walk-in’s to a trails spot I’ve ever been to.

The weather was looking pretty crappy, but it had been dry all day. We figured there’s no reason to wait around, so we all made the trek up to the spot and just as we were like 2 minutes away from the jumps, the sky opens up and it starts pouring! We thought the trees might block the rain and we were hoping it would be dry enough to ride at least for a few minutes, but we had no such luck. Wet and muddy as hell…

This shot was taken at one of the sketchiest spots of the walk-in. There was this pretty deep ravine that you had to cross by climbing over this tree/bush. There wasn’t really a set way to do it, you just had to get up there and see what worked for you. The fall wasn’t crazy, but if you slipped off, you would definitely be hurting. A few of the locals made it over pretty quick, but I know that I took my time! In the photo Heath Pinter is doing his best to stay on the tree while dealing with his bike at the same time. Fudger, who’s in the foreground was next and there’s a good chance he had his camera gear and his bike. We all made it safely across the ravine and now that I’m at the end of the story, I realize there’s no real point… Just a fun shot of a bunch of rad dudes trying to ride in the rain.

Here are a few more shots from our excursion. Click to see ’em bigger.










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