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Around August of 2008, Harrison and Andrew McMullen had come out to California with the intention of meeting up to film with Corey Bohan, and get some footage for a contest promo. Once those dudes got into town, we figured out a plan and I tagged along for the ride.

The plan was to meet at Heath’s trails around noon-ish, but Corey actually called and asked to meet up a little earlier. This was kind of a surprise to me, since I kind of expect all the dudes out there to not even be up at that time, haha. However, the early sesh was probably a good idea considering how hot it can get out there.

Once we got to Heath’s, we all exchanged greetings and those guys got to work. After some watering and raking, Corey started riding. The shot above is basically Corey warming up. Even warming up, Corey is awesome. The “popular” jump with all the bricks in the landing got sessioned pretty well that day too, but this basic/stylish and simple flatty was my favorite pic of the day. The one with Nasty in his underwear comes in a close second.

Corey kindly fired out some serious moves in a short amount of time, and then had to bounce. Just another quick blip on the BMX radar.


4 responses to “CAPTURED: COREY BOHAN”

  1. Chris says:

    He’s O.K., I guess.

  2. DavidLang says:

    A black and white photo of a boosting Corey Bohan shot with loose composition = Makes my day.

  3. Daryl says:

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