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Elliot Stumpf, 360 Table
There’s something really liberating about shooting a photo without setting up flashes, tripods, and hours of planning. It’s nice to forget about fighting the dark, random shadows, and sun with artificial lighting. Just pick an angle and click away. Plus, the more you fight the lighting in a setting, the more artificial the shot can appear.

This shot was far from planned. Elliot and I were just riding his local park, getting in as many runs as possible before the light faded. I had seen him pull a few of these 360 tables earlier in the day, and remembered that I had left my spare camera in the car. I ran and grabbed it, and shot this quick photo just as the light was filtering through the trees. Elliot runs a pretty simple bike setup (no sprocket, chain, or brakes) just to switch things up, so I think the simple photo fits.

-Ben Austin

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8 responses to “BEN AUSTIN @ RANDOM”

  1. JB says:

    Great shot, screw all the flashes. Natural lighting is the best lighting.

  2. steven says:

    elliot is definatly a mn shredder he rips that park with and with out a drive train

  3. Sean Zubek says:

    I definately agree with the first comment. Natural lighting is just awesome. I use flashes when I need to, but if the sun is out, it’s all good. No sprocket or chain?! That makes this photo even crazier!

  4. Trey Doig says:

    Ben is good people.

  5. Self filmed! says:

    Nice lighting I love it.

  6. mangler says:

    what trey said, i<3ben

  7. Ben says:

    Come back to MN! I’ll shoot a photo, haha.