Mike Aitken has pieced together a new bike in between physical therapy and other duties. Hit up the Fit site for more pics.

7 responses to “AITKEN’S NEW BIKE”

  1. deaner says:

    yesss!!!!!!!! the come back is near.

  2. Drew K says:

    Man its good to see some Mikey news thats riding realted. And hes put back on the stoppers, awesome! Viva La Atiken!

  3. Brett Micheals says:

    damn dude.. im surprised he wants to run those forks. I would be worried about getting seriously hurt.

  4. Terry says:

    looks like a bike

  5. Gille says:

    That ride is insane! With all the hate bs Mike can still out build anybodies new rig. Plus old school red Odyssey T and dark ass jeans. Mike has styles for miles!

  6. luke knight says:

    this frame is soon to be mine, i am also getting it in blue, not sure about lengh though maybe 20.75”

    going blue frame black parts scheme!

    good to see aitken back, not sure about colour scheme though,

  7. Maryjo says:

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