A Photos Journey


So, David Lang just informed me that this Keith Romanowski photo showed up on the amazing photoblog, Yimmys Yayo, with a rad Defgrip shoutout. David then informed me of how this photo got around. You need to read this. I just copied and pasted David’s email, so check it out after the jump.

Defgrip got a shout out on Yimmy’s Yayo!! That is so damn cool.

I would like to point out how amazing the coincidence of the internet is because of the entire process of how he found the Romanowski photo in the first place.

1) Photo gets taken by Keith Romanowski in a subway cart in New York.
2) Photo gets posted up on ESPN.
3) Adam from TCU blogs about it.
4) A day before all this happens, I add the guy who runs Yimmy Yayo as a friend on facebook and when he asks who I am. I reply with “A random Yimmy’s Yayo fan” and link him to my ffffound. He adds a bunch of pictures off my ffffound to his ffffound and therefore the pics I ffffound from then on show up in his feed.
5) I see the Romanowski photo on TCU and ffffound it.
6) Yimmy’s Yayo sees the Romanowski photo on his feed and ffffounds it.
7) Photo gets posted on Yimmy’s Yayo with a shout-out to Defgrip.

And going back even further a while ago, I knew about Yimmy’s Yayo and introduced it to you (I think, might be wrong on that). You were psyched on it and blogged it on defgrip. Yimmy’s Yayo found out about defgrip and thanked you for the link love in the comments on defgrip. Then ages later the love for BMX comes back full circle!

This is all just so cool. I’m gonna go drink some more scotch now.

10 responses to “A Photos Journey”

  1. I was reading Yimmy Yayo’s blog via tumblr earlier today and flipped out when I saw the shoutout to Defgrip. Congrats guys

  2. Dunk says:

    Harrison, you did link to Yimmys Yayo a while back (and another photo blog but i forget). Yimmys is awesome, i check the site every day, it has the best pics! Thanks for putting the link out! 🙂

  3. Andy says:

    i love fffound and now this new shiiiit, defgrip is the bomb

  4. Nuno says:

    Thats rad!

  5. Patrick says:

    Ha. Doing my rss reading I just closed that tab on yimmys and this post was the next tab open. Two rad sites.

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  7. Chris Long says:

    Best Photo right there!!!.. Let me give you the story on it. Rory Ellis, Bill Politis, and I (Chris Long) went to NYC to stay with A22 and get some last minute filming in for the Come Up DVD. Well 2 minutes after getting off the fung-wah bus at 2am from Boston we were riding to the banks to meet Adam and Keith and I went off a curb with the camera bag in hand and my fly cranks snapped off. I was bummed I had to scoot my bike all night so A22 and I decided to get loose so got some Heinekens and sparks it turned out to be a fun night, but by the time this picture was taken it was 10am the next day we were going non stop since we got off the bus as soon as we got on the train I passes out on the bench I think we were all a little over tired and some of us a little too drunk. Good times!

  8. Mike says:

    How do you get invited to fffound?

  9. Beaner_Steve says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Yimmy Yayo’s site!!!
    Such a good site!

    Do you have any other cool websites to check out?
    Im into photography so if you have any recommendations let me know!

    thx again