Terry Richardson on Wealth and Taste


I was checking out the new Young Jeezy/Terry Richardson campaign for Belvedere Vodka, and it let me to an interesting video commentary with Terry. He comments on the irony of taste and wealth no longer being synonymous with each other.

Belvedere has been driving that point home with commercials like this one featuring Vincent Gallo and RZA, and personally I think it’s rad to see a talented artist chill out in a flannel shirt and mustache and point out that no matter how rich you are, you just can’t buy style.

Watch the short commentary here.

10 responses to “Terry Richardson on Wealth and Taste”

  1. Thanks for that post Mike! good stuff!

  2. Terry Richardson,
    DAMN, dudes got the sexiest job of all time. What dose he do…well he in the awesome business.

  3. Chris Douchebag Clothing says:

    DAMN! Check me out!

  4. joecookie says:

    I heard someone (me) call this the “Bad photography as art trend”…
    Watching the Jeezy clip I now think it’s more than that.
    It’s ok to like things in 2009.

  5. That’s right art is art and it’s OK to love it or hate it.


  6. r says:

    when did wealth ever signify taste?

  7. really says:

    That was when Versace became popular.

  8. jack simony says:

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