When debating the ethics of shooting a photo of this person, and telling this story, I decided to treat it like any other wildlife photo, and the subjects natural habitat. I didn’t get any pics of this person standing on the corner all day asking for handouts, or at the corner store buying multiple 40 oz bottles of hurricane malt liquor and newport cigarettes, nor the people in the park walking their dogs, or children playing. I did however respond to my friend Bob telling me- “hey grab the long lense, that bum is shitting in the park again…”

It’s too bad this person doesn’t have another option, at least it seems, and although the photo is not gender specific, I think it’s a woman who was simply relieving herself after drinking multiple large beers, peeing in the park. The part that strikes me though is the sign right next to her.

-Steve Crandall

3 responses to “STEVE CRANDALL @ RANDOM”

  1. Haha Crandall rules. A bum in a not so rare form, within it’s habitat.

  2. says:

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