Steelcase 1960s


Offices used to be dope!

Via NotCot; check it out here on the Mid Century Modernist.

4 responses to “Steelcase 1960s”

  1. Joshua Burns says:

    Haha, you guys keep making these posts that are so so so useful to me it’s untrue.

    Not so long ago I was in my graphics class at college and we where looking at logo’s… guess what you posted up! A post based on logos.

    In my art history lesson I’m now looking at the 1960’s and interior design is a big part of the lesson!

    It’s great because I get to check defgrip without looking suspicious in lesson anymore. Cheers!

  2. sean murphy says:

    I love steel case, I was foreman on an contracting crew a few years ago and all we did was reconfigure offices on a old govt military installation and they still use this stuff. The office workers hate it, we loved it, you could throw this crap out a window pick it up and use it again and it is still in perfect condition and pimp as hell. The only draw back is that everything is actually heavy grade steel and a desk like you see in the picture weighs over 100lbs empty.

  3. Andrew says:

    This is great! I went out to dinner with my family the other night in the town of Hammond, Indiana at a place that’s been open for over 60 years. The restaurant is set in an old three story apartment building and I swear that they must still have some of the same furniture from the 1960s; gorgeous Formica tables and old chairs and things of that nature, it was a treat to say the least.

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