Vinnie just threw up Skapegoat 3 on his vimeo page, which means some assorted east coast goodness for you to watch.

Click below to check it out.

skapegoat 3 from VInnie Sammon on Vimeo.

8 responses to “SKAPEGOAT 3”

  1. MikeD says:

    whos the last rider in the vid.
    He was KILLING it

  2. Drew K says:

    ^^ You should see his part in DQYDJ 2. I forgot his name but he has the last section.

  3. Ryan F says:

    Nuno, I just wanted say, good choice on the screen grab.

  4. Nuno says:

    Thanks. George D sighting.

  5. calzone says:

    anol poker doker

  6. lee says:

    george d 09 whip to frame take over,
    id rather see a george d whip to frame than a park rat double whip any day.

  7. Giancarlo says:

    Mike D- I belive your talking about Garret Hoogerhyde.

  8. Melodee says:

    And that is an investment risk worth taking.