I just read THIS ARTICLE that talks about another raid on graffiti writers-nothing really new there.

The article brings up the huge MTA riverbed “tag” (seen above), and goes on to talk about the charges etc…

The best/insane part that stood out to me was this line:
“The Army Corps of Engineers estimates that removing the “MTA” tag from the riverbed alone will cost $3.7 million”.

Now… I’ve seen this thing, I’ve been there and took the photo above. I understand the pros and cons on the argument of graffiti, but I really hope they find a better use for that 3.7 Million. That’s a lot of money that can probably be appropriated better. We’ll see.

12 responses to “RAIDS NET TAGGER CREW”

  1. Harrison says:

    ‘cus you know it cost MTA 3.7 million to put that piece down in the first place… duh!!

  2. HAHA! Out my way, off the 10FWY a trailer was tagged with king…. something or other really poorly and i had a handful of people believe it was my web address. I obviously had nothing to do with it but i still got some calls from people convinced that was what it said.
    The Army core of engineers are just jealous the MTA could paint that.. at night.. and make it look so good in only four days.
    A task they couldn’t handle.

  3. Red says:

    Just paint over the black parts…that slashes the bill down by at least $3.6 million.

  4. Red says:

    “Finkelstein said the Los Angeles River “MTA” tag, in a vast industrial district east of downtown between two rail yards, took about 400 gallons of paint — 300 gallons white and 100 gallons black.”

    Going by Finkie’s statement, then, just painting over the black parts would slash the bill to a quarter of what it would be and it wouldn’t require any further costly procedures to protect the environment.

    This is the same over-inflated noise they make when they want to make medical marijuana users/growers/sellers look bad.

  5. pete says:

    i enjoyed reading the comments, some people are just crazy.

    “Many of these taggers are drug or alcohol addicts, and some are addicted to the tagging itself, just like some people are addicted to behaviors like gambling, food or sex. That does’nt excuse it, it just explains why some of the taggers do it–they’re compulsive. The chemical highs they get from their own brains interfere with their judgment and retard the physical development of their brains, leaving them in a permanent state of semi adolescence, just as alcohol or drugs do. They need legal consequences, but many also need treatment.”

  6. Drew K says:

    I think it looks cool but it is really simple and not really art to me. I scribble stuff like that on my school books and whatnot. But theres so many other important thing the goverment could try and then fail at for 3.7 million dollars. Plus if the commenters on that article are so angry about the grafitti why dont they just go there and start painting over it? I bet theres thousands of old farts out there willing to paint over that.

  7. It looks like they could have just got away with using just the black in the negative spaces, no whit necessary. which would save costs…maybe by 3 million!

  8. Hahah this is pure gold. Outrageous cash figures to remove paint off cement…

  9. A22 says:

    The reason it’s so expensive and has to be done is because it’s in a river bed and it’s a safety hazard. That piece is huge, but I’m sure it would cost less than 10k to remove if it wasn’t in a waterbed ( basing this on the 2k I was forced to pay to remove graffiti I did when I was 16, haha ).

  10. tony says:

    fantastic little read. thanks for the heads-up.

  11. Don’t raid me THIS is Social Graffiti!

    Nasty at his best!

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