One of the gnarliest photo books I’ve ever come across, is “It’s All Good” by a Brooklyn based photographer who goes by the name of Boogie. It’s all Black and White, and shot within Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Queensbridge in NY. Lot’s of crazy images in that, which you can get a sample of from that link and below.

In addition to other books he’s released, Boogie also keeps a site with a bunch of photos, and adds a new one everyday.

I hit up Boogie for a quick Q&A. I knew he was probably a busy man, so I tried to keep it short. He came through quick, and included some pics that you can check below.

What got you involved in photography?
Both my father and my grandfather were amateur photographers, so there were always cameras around when I was a kid … but I didn’t really get into it until the crisis hit my country (Serbia) in the early 90s. There was chaos and madness all around me, so I think I picked up photography to preserve my sanity.

Besides your books, where might we have seen some of your work?
A bunch of magazines, NIKE campaigns, fashion campaigns for SHELLAC/Tokyo, tees for Zoo York, Upper Playground, Altamont … etc etc etc.

Do you have certain cameras you use often, and do you prefer film or digital?
I have a bunch of cameras, it changes pretty often, and every new camera or a lens gives you a new perspective and inspires you to shoot. And only film, no digital here. I don’t even OWN a digital camera.

What film/films do you prefer?
Pretty much anything goes.

All your photos are primarily black & white, why is that?
B&W works well with my style and choice of subjects … and I think that with color, there is sometimes too much information, you can miss the point.

In your book “It’s All Good”, you have a lot of raw/graphic imagery. How did you come across these subjects and was it difficult to convince them to be photographed?
I just started going to the projects. Of course, it didn’t happen overnight – the whole project took me 2 years to finish. When you give respect, you usually get it in return. I never asked to take photos of anyone doing drugs, or showing guns – they asked ME. Usually it was like “Hey Boogie, I’m gonna go shoot up in my bathroom, do you wanna come and take some pictures?”. The next thing you know, she is sitting on the toilet shooting up, I’m standing on the bathtub taking pictures, and her kids are knocking on the door asking for help with their homeworks … heavy. So I never really tried to convince anybody to do anything.

Do you plan your shots, or just shoot on the fly?
Always on the fly, I never set anything up.

Have you ever run into any problems while shooting out and about?
Nothing major. I was arrasted in Tijuana for photographing some prostitutes, cops took our money and let us go. Cops pulled me out of the cab in Caracas, Venezuela just to intimidate me, but nothing happened.

If you care to share, is there a project you are currently working on?
Taking pictures of my daughter when I’m not changing her diapers 🙂

Thanks for your time. Anything you would like to add before we wrap this up?
Nothing really, you just take care, ok ?

11 responses to “Q&A: BOOGIE”

  1. me says:

    Yoh – someone call that number for the pet sitter.

  2. Robin says:

    Dope interview, his photos always offer a rawness that seem to capture whatever city he is in at the time. Boogies photos from Istanbul and Sao Palo are some of the most epic shots ive seen.

  3. francis says:

    That first photo is so subtly gnarly. It took me a while to realize that’s his fake eye in his hand and that there’s garbage bags in the background and a little kid sticking his presumably dirty finger in his eye socket.

    Great find and Q&A, sir!

  4. I had seen this guys photography a few years ago and when I went to Brooklyn for the first time a few years ago I was walking over to Edwins old apartment from a store or something, and for some reason I referenced in my head a photo from his site when I walked by, Deja Vu or something.. and it happened to be the same exact spot! (the one where the rat is hanging), that was like a block from their old apt. What a coincidence!

  5. ty says:

    One of my favorite photographers.. This is so sick

  6. Kevin says:

    I love that he shoots films only, I had no idea of that before. Loved the interview, thanks for sharing Nuno!

  7. Jeff Brown says:

    Awesome article Nuno, this guys been my favorite for a while.

  8. bdubbs says:

    Wow, great work Noons. I liked the casual and matter a fact of the conversation. The work is amazing.

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