Prototyphuset Boxhome


Check out this mean little crib in between some mammoth old buildings in Poland.

The space looks a lot bigger than the exterior would suggest, even with the dark interior. Story and photos here.

6 responses to “Prototyphuset Boxhome”

  1. really says:

    It’s a myth that a light or white interior appear more spacious. It is because the dark interior that this tiny place looks larger.

  2. really says:

    oh, and it was in Oslo, Norway, not in Poland. Still an awesome little house.

  3. Ardelean says:

    Oopsie. I had just been reading about this one in Poland:

    and got them confused.

  4. Drew K says:

    Really cool looking. Itd be dialed if there was a way to get on the roof and if the roof was a green roof with plants and such. I bet that place still costs a lot even though its so small.

  5. Ryan C. says:

    Awesome finds Mike. Have you also heard of Tumble Weed Houses – more info here

    Not as lavish for sure, but the price is a good selling point considering the recent economic conditions and unemployment rate (oh how it hit a little too close to home…).

  6. says:

    Investors do pay direct and indirect costs.