Powerhouse Books


After Nuno posted the rad Q&A with Boogie last week, we got an awesome email from Sara Rosen of Powerhouse books (check out an interview with Sara on the Format site). Powerhouse is the publisher that published Boogies book “It’s All Good” as well as a million other amazing titles like the infamous “Back In The Days” by Jamel Shabazz. If you are looking for a good art book, Powerhouse is the place to go. The specialize in fine art, documentary, pop culture, fashion, and celebrity books and I guarantee, when you are on the site, you’ll see so many books you recognize. Along with publishing, they have an amazing store in New York, called The Powerhouse Arena, where the sell all their books as well as host portfolio reviews, parties, and events with authors.

Powerhouse is dope. Check out there site here!

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