Check out this advert for the new Porsche 997 GT3 MkII.

Via- Didn’tYouHear

5 responses to “PORSCHE ADVERT”

  1. Word life SON.
    Goona get one of those

  2. Colin says:

    That might have been cool if it were cut down to :30 and edited better, but the concept is kinda neat. One and a half minutes of nobody’s making stupid faces (a lot of which seemed forced, like they were coached a bit) does not influence me to triple my salary and buy a porsche. How the fuck does this appeal to their target audience (unless this thing’s gonna sell for $15k or something). I would show a less-than-attractive male getting all kinds of hot chicks because of his car

  3. ichabod says:


    have you ever driven/or been a passenger in a porsche??… only then you will know the feeling of having a seeping grin from ear to ear when you or the person beside you pushes the accelerator… it never gets old, ever…

  4. 20Twenty says:

    Reminds me of happy days in my friends Carrerra 4S, unfortunately he has an R8 now but you still get the same faces driving either!

  5. I have definitely been in a few fast Porsches and have had that feeling – maybe even had one of those looks on my face! I think they nailed that part of it ad. like “ichabod” said, it does take driving real fast in one to fully get the gist of it…bu the commercial did lack a good punch line for how long it was.