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As the readers of Defgrip already know, we are all big fans of the whole point and shoot style of photography. Almost everyone that contributes to Defgrip has a point and shoot and while it may not always be my main camera, I do use one a lot. I acquired a Yashica T4 from David Lang about 7 months ago, but on my way to the airport in Las Vegas, I left it in the back of a town car. I have put off picking a new one up, so I could spend more time with my other cameras, but the time has come and and I’m on the hunt for a new point and shoot. At the moment, I’m leaning towards a Contax T2 over a new Yashica T4 and while I was doing some research, I came across this great article form 2002, in the now defunct Face magazine, about the whole point and shoot movement in fashion photography. If you are into anything Terry Richardson does, you need to read this article and google some of the names in it because there’s some great history and even better photographers like Mario Testino, Jurgen Teller, Corinne Day, and most notably Nan Goldin, (who is quoted in the article “arguably the biggest influence on fashion photography in the past 15 years”) that have really pushed the whole point and shoot thing to where it is today.

Check it out here.

14 responses to “Point and Shoot”

  1. Tom says:

    Very interesting read. Makes me want to get a point and shoot for those times where I look silly carrying a big camera. What are you going to go with?

  2. KJB says:

    I’ve thrashed a T2 all around the world for eight years strong. I Highly Recommend. However I may give the T3 a go, the size appeal to me.

  3. Nuno says:

    That was interesting.

    However… I wonder if someone like Terry Richardson could get away with anything simply because he’s cool/hip?

  4. Albert says:

    Don’t count out the Ricoh GR-1 and the Nikon 35ti.

  5. Red says:

    “I wonder if someone like Terry Richardson could get away with anything simply because he’s cool/hip?”

    Yeah I could see that…but Richardson has been doing point and shoot for quite a while. Well before the current era, that’s for sure.

  6. I shot the photo in the web link with a point a shoot camera.
    I bought rechargeable batteries made by energizer too.

    I’m getting really serious(taking lots of pictures too and they are holding up.

  7. lee says:

    Ricoh GR-1 is a far far far better camera than the Yashica T4,People only use the T4 because they think its cool and usually know nothing about photography.

    Oh check out ryan mcginley if you like terry.

  8. A person like Terry Richardson developed that style of photography for himself awhile ago. He can shoot with a 15 dollar point and shoot and have the photos published in a vogue if he wanted too because thats his style but he also has the ability to bring out a different side of his subjects then most photograhpers, thats why he can do what he does.

  9. Aaron says:

    I’ve been shooting with a t4 for about 3 years and a t2 for 2. I love the t2’s extra controls, only drawback u can’t focus as close as with the t4. check out the olympus stylus epic. I just pick one up for $50 and I’m super happy with it, smaller that the t4, faster lens and weatherproof. Juergen Teller shot some editorials for W with them a few years ago before he switched to the contax g2.

  10. I couldn’t make it through the article, so tech and boring. Point and shoots fit in my back pocket, so that’s why I use one. Wammy?

  11. shithawk1 says:

    everyone likes to point and shoot. i found an olympus trip in a bin with 2 rolls of new film and its been my pointy ever since. it makes perfect sense to pick up a decent pointy just because no one actually wants them anymore. charity shops and e bay have loads of good stuff. i kinda yearn for a cosina cx5 now just cos it looks so mental. the olympus xa should get a mention as well cos its a waxa..

  12. Jeff Allen says:

    You gotta put Guy Bourdin in there as well, he was shooting this way before all of those people. Looking at certain photos by Teller and others you can see those are very influenced by his work.

  13. Meredith says:

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