Orchid Cobra Preview


Derek Adams just sent over another preview of a new Orchid shoe. This time it’s a new Cobra, Matt Berringer’s shoe! “This color is called None More Black, an obvious reference for any Spinal Tap fans. “How much more black can it get? None. None more black.””

Check it out after the jump – cobra-synth-black-650

4 responses to “Orchid Cobra Preview”

  1. adam22 says:

    looks too bland, plain black is just boring

  2. Beringer says:

    Boring? That hurts adam22. I think all the goth kids like black and I know I do. Oh well, can’t make everybody happy. Shit! Am I going through a goth phase??!!!! Have I always been goth??!!!! I don’t know anymore, I’m losing it!!! Nah, there’s just snow everywhere and I’m bored.

  3. nanoo.net says:

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