Nike Sportswear


Nike Sportswear just released a new collection and Nigel is still holding it down for BMX! There are a few new photos and a few o we’ve already seen of Nigel, but it’s just dope to have a BMX presence in a mainstream campaign like this!

Check it out on the Nike site.

3 responses to “Nike Sportswear”

  1. haha it sick seeing nigel next to those like rio ferdinand, kind of wild to see how far bmx has gotten.

  2. Andrew says:

    i wonder if this kid is going to get and offer to have his own reality show…mirraco, nike, stint on LRG, gatorade…this kid is blowing up! best of all, i’ve never seen an ounce of negativity from him. always smiling and laughing, i think his personality is a good representation for bmx.

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