Moving Photos

I was just talking to someone about tilt shift videos the other day and how amazing they were, but I couldn’t remember where I saw them… As I was going to sleep, I came across these amazing examples on the ISO50 blog. The videos are from photographer Keith Loutit and definitely kept me up much longer than I wanted. My favorite is the “Metal Heart” video from the monster truck show… The colors are amazing and looking at this event through the tilt shit lens makes the whole thing extremely toyish… Monster trucks and tilt shift, each on their own, are very toyish, but putting them together creates an amazing result. There are a few other beach videos that are definitely worth a watch and I didn’t even bother embedding the rest of them, because you need to go to Keith Loutit’s Vimeo page and watch them in HD… I also posted some screen shots after the jump!







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    Thanks for posting. This is so damn good!!!!!!

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