With the 2009 Simpel Session around the corner, I figured it would be a good time to re-visit a moment from last year.

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Whenever people weren’t riding/practicing for Simpel Session last year (2008), it’s likely that they were exploring Estonia and would eventually end up in “Old Town”.

Old Town Estonia was a quick walk from the hotel where everyone was staying at, and it’s full of great old buildings/architecture, and things to see or eat. It’s like a maze in some parts, and you can even get to a high point where you can get a great view of the city.

One of the things to see in Old Town, is this row of stands where people sell knitted goods (seen above). Everything from gloves, scarves and assorted headwear can be found there, which I assume is handmade by the people selling them, but I could be wrong. The pieces were all nice nonetheless, and I even bought some crazy socks for my girl.

Between being tourists, and/or FREEZING, people like Aaron Ross and Brian Kachinsky (and others) could be found purchasing items from knitted row, as seen above. I don’t think they could be anymore psyched.

3 responses to “MEMORY LANE- ESTONIA 2008”

  1. klavs says:

    Aaron looks so funny in that green hat 😀 good times for sure.

  2. happy mushroom says:

    Yeah, the knitted stuff are handmade by the people selling them.

  3. says:

    And this is an investment danger price taking.