Max Schaaf on Skatebook.TV


For those who don’t know, Max Schaaf is a badass long-time skateboard pro who also builds baddass motorcycles in his shop in the Bay Area. I’ve always thought he was cool because he was one of the few action sports atheletes who had it together enough at a young enough age to want to do other things with his life, yet his style was so authentic that he stayed relevant in skating without having to kill himself on a skateboard well into his thirties, or even compete at all.

He still rides for Real, Fourstar, and just released this baddass Vans Syndicate shoe which is one of the best recent Vans models period.

Watch this quick Max Schaaf feature on right here.

4 responses to “Max Schaaf on Skatebook.TV”

  1. Terry says:

    that is a bad ass bike, sweeeet

  2. aaron says:

    Seriously awesome.

  3. per nielsen says:

    do you still sell grips, if yes where can i see them and chose .. you build realy cool and nice bikes, i like your build style. im allso interested in one bar i so on some of your picks in a blog, it was the bar on a blue pan under a pick of your VL. the blue pan later got a black rear fender and tank that you gave your frend as a gift for him i so this allso in some of your blogs… hope you can help me out couse i realy am interested in a bar same as this one… thanks

  4. per nielsen says:

    i ment handlebar