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So, I got these two photos of Jonny Harnisch at the Nutty-Buck Jam a couple of months ago. If you’ve ever seen Jonny ride it usually meant you weren’t riding to much, mostly watching him stretch his body beyond what most of us thought was humanly possible. And I guarantee you that if you haven’t seen Jonny do a lookback you have never seen a proper lookback in your life and I promise you this, I’ve seen plenty of lookbacks, the photo doesn’t even do it self justice, I think you have to see it in real life to see what this guy can do. Hands down, he is my favorite ramp rider rider right now. And not only that, hes the most laid back, non-hungry, chilled out nomadic person you will ever meet.

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8 responses to “Marko Knezevic @ Random”

  1. Andrew says:

    that tuck no hander is boss

  2. There is a serious run-on sentence in there, sorry LOL.

  3. Kyle Stark says:

    stick to photos, you suck at writing…fag! hahaha

  4. I agree with Kyle Starch (who is a faggot BTW)…though the word “non-hungry” was nice, as well as appropriate. HARNISCH FTW!!

  5. Kyle Stark says:

    haha i was kinda pissed til i realized it was you, you faggot. go eat some leaves and post a bulletin on myspace about it hahaha

  6. brown says:

    where is that? phoenix area?

  7. cleon says:

    Brian Grant, you’re a “shitforbrains” hows that for scholar vocabulary…
    Marko is too actually..

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