Logos Of The Year


I was just checking out The Brilliance and got linked to a site called Brand New who had a pretty solid roundup of logos from 2008. It’s cool to see the details that went into some of the good re-designs, as well as the crap like the new Pepsi logo above… Where’s the Obama logo? Or did that come out in 07?

Check out Brand New’s logo roundup here.

14 responses to “Logos Of The Year”

  1. cleon says:

    i think it looks sick. looks “obamanized” to me, and that’s rad..

  2. Nuno says:

    The old pepsi logo looks better to me for sure.

  3. Andrew says:

    new logo is awful in my opinion…”obamanized” is right, obama’s worked, this one didn’t. massive fail in my opinion.

  4. sven says:

    the new pepsi logo is a weak attempt and reinventing the brand. the old pepsi logo reads much better, especially at smaller sizes. and just as easily could convey a rebirth of pepsi without an entirely new identity. bullshit.

  5. Harrison says:

    I hate when companies mess with such iconic brand marks. Like the AT&T, UPS, Xerox logo, and so many more, were so much better before. And with that Pepsi logo… The small point where the white comes together on the left side is so bad, the fact that they have three variations of it is really confusing, and if you look at the bottles… the font they used is not even that good… I’m feeling the general minimalist direction they were trying to go in, they just didn’t pull it off…

  6. Andrew says:

    another thing i found interesting…does anyone remember pepsi one? i believe that was the name of the product…but it had silver packaging like the new diet pepsi has, the first time i saw it i thought that they’d come out with pepsi one again, which really had negative connotations seeing how badly pepsi one failed. i’m wondering if other people are thinking the same thing?

  7. Old pepsi logo was hittin, but lets take it back to the old days of Pepsi with the white cans with red and blue design work. That was the best. This whole logo article is interesting and pointless.

  8. The new Pepsi design and marketing campaign makes it look like they’re trying to promote an airline…and the newest Sierra Mist packaging looks like they’re selling bug repellent instead of soda.

  9. nick says:

    crystal pepsi logo is where it’s at.

  10. Albert says:

    I kinda like the new pepsi logo, though I do agree the identity change was kind of unnecessary at the moment. Nobody thinks the Pepsi brand has gone stale.

  11. Colin says:

    Seems like everyone on the internet is mindlessly hating on the Pepsi rebrand (but I guess the internet was built for mindlessly hating on things). I like BrandNew for some of Armin’s commentary, and just to be in the loop. But it’s dumber than stupid to sit there and look at a graphic out of context and make a judgment on it, especially from hacks who claim to be designers.

  12. Colin says:

    … Agree with Chris on the Sierra Mist bottle design though. Looks like something I should poor down my sink, not into a glass of ice and vodka.

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