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Kyle Carlson hit us up with a nice photo and has a pretty cool story to go with it.

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Earlier in ’08 Ryan Mills and I were working on a piece for Ride UK. This rooftop curved wall on top of the Liberace Museum has always kind of been a legendary spot that nobody ever checked out because if crazy security. Mills decided he wanted to get it done for this piece, so we got up at 6:00am one morning and headed over there.

The wallride looked pretty good, so if the photo worked out the way it did in my head it would have been pretty awesome. Mills hopped on the roof and I waited in the parking lot with my long lens on. Mills got a few runs at the wall and it turns out it wasn’t as tight as it looked and he couldn’t get high enough to make the photo work.

After about a minute and two attempts at getting higher on the wall, there was a security guard on the roof with Mills telling him the cops were on the way and he better not go anywhere. He threw his bike off the roof and then jumped off, I hopped in his car and drove off, and we met up about ten minutes later in the middle of some apartment complex down the road.

Long story short, the legendary wallride isn’t as good as it looks, Liberace security is serious, and neither of us went to jail. The photo was almost pretty nice, too.

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  1. D.A. says:

    I still need to give Ryan his dad’s lantern back.

  2. Leonore says:

    Thanks to your curiosity in Funding Advice.