Jeff Z Point and Shoot


When I posted about point and shoot cameras last week, a lot of people brought up the Olympus Stylus Epic as a good option to a Contax T2 or a Yashica T4. Yesterday, Jeff Z posted a rad post on his blog in the Ride site with a bunch of photos he shot with an Olympus Stylus Epic. I guess he got his for $5 on Craigslist, which is crazy because they were going for like $50+ on ebay! Most of the photos I’ve seen from Jeff have been more staged shots with his SLR’s or medium format cameras, so it’s rad to see more candid stuff from him. Hopefully he posts more p&s stuff, cus these photos are rad!

Check a bunch of photos on is blog here.

5 responses to “Jeff Z Point and Shoot”

  1. Patrice says:

    I haven’t shot with the Stylus but I’ve heard good things about it. I have a T2 myself and I am loving it. Another great sturdy point and shoot is the venerable Olympus XA.

    Rad photos guys.

  2. bdubbs says:

    This is good stuff. Jeff and I had a talk about these cameras and his at his birthday dinner. I have been wanting to pick up another point and shoot film camera since I seem to have retired my digi in favor of my iphone.

  3. smoovebert says:

    yeah patrice i have an xa (somewhere) and an xa-2 that i’ve just pulled out again. love those little buggers.

    must check out one of these epics though–if its good enough for jeff z…

  4. here’s my point and hoot moment of the decade!


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