Hedi Slimane Vs. YSL


Famed fashion designer Hedi Slimane has been getting a lot of recognition for his photography over the past few years and after leaving his lead design position at Dior, that seems to be all he’s been doing. He has a personal site that he updates quite regularly and his images are pretty amazing. This past year Yves Saint Laurent passed away and his art collection (valued at approx $440 million!) is about to go up for auction. Most of it is displayed at his Paris apartment and Hedi Slimane had the chance to photography the YSL estate in November of last year. I really love how close up Hedi gets with a lot of his shots and he creates some amazing patterns with the way he frames the images.

Check out the series here.

3 responses to “Hedi Slimane Vs. YSL”

  1. Patrice says:

    Seriously love your site guys. I’m linking you on my own site. I’ve been following you for the last year and though I’m not a BMX guy, I can appreciate everything you guys are doing here. Keep it comin’!

  2. Prashant says:

    Hedi Slimane’s photo diary is always really great
    Usually a real good mix of subjects and models
    Fantastic post

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