EA Sports – Skate 2


I’m not much of a video game dude but this looks really well done.

11 responses to “EA Sports – Skate 2”

  1. Damn this looks pretty epic. To bad it isn’t Dave Mirra Pro bmx 3 or something worth playing.

  2. Drew K says:

    I dont like video games but I would buy BMX: The Video Game.

  3. DavidLang says:

    Andy Chung needs to get his xbox360 fixed!!

  4. Andrew says:

    trailer looks sweet! consistent styling from the first trailer.

  5. Colin says:

    Just picked up Skate 2 3 days ago. It’s definitely as good as the first. But I agree. Black Box and EA really really need to team up and do a BMX game. Just for our sake, so we can let off some steam on rainy days. Also, BMX seems more complicated than the skating world. I think the story lines of the career mode could much richer.

  6. Ryan C. says:

    the bmx game would have to have an Ice Money appearance

  7. bdubbs says:

    The game is rad. Holds it own against the original for sure. I am still not too into the new graphics look and some of the tweaks they made to the controls. But all in all, not let down. The opening video is super good as well.

  8. bobbyp says:

    all i can say is pumped on the hippy hop in skate 2. and a bunch of other sweet things were added…but im stoked on the hippy hop.
    still not as sweet as skate 1 in some aspects of the game though.

    and it would ruin/complete my (videogame) life if they came out with a new bad ass bmx game. i say bring that shit!

  9. maxd says:

    Easily my favorite release for PS3 thus far! This game is epic and a big improvement on the first. The best thing about the sequel is the ability to get off your board!

  10. I love the get off your board feature as well. Skate 2 is the blueprint of what skating games should be like. Another hit for EA