Defgrip Original – Jeff Z

Jeff Z, who I’ve heard referred to as “the best photographer in BMX” many times, hooked up with us for our third installment of the Defgrip Originals, close to his home town of Long Beach, California.

Jeff Z grew up in New Jersey and has been a huge contribution to BMX for as long as I can remember. Jeff is the photo editor for Ride BMX Magazine and talked with us about Long Beach, his first photo in a magazine and eating baby food. Jeff was actually the second real interview we did on Defgrip, and we now bring you Jeff Z in video from a little over three years later!

filmed by Andrew McMullen
edited by
  • waah

    cool interview “You Know?”

  • not bad! i was hoping for a little more content after the length of the nastazio interviews, but this was still interesting.

  • Jeff seems like the most laid back person known to man

  • mat

    sorry but that wasn’t exactly as candid or entertaining as nasty’s interview, just some guy rambling a bit.
    I liked that there were two people responsible for the ‘art direction’, is that how many people it too to decide that a water drinking shot was ‘arty’?

  • josh

    Come on Mat jeeze…

  • you guys rule
    clean art
    comfortable interview
    i like him and the way he was presented
    def grip-very nice

  • Levi

    I was hoping the interview would give some insight on how he goes about capturing images. It’s still a good interview though.

  • I think the secret is to push the little button thing at the right time, whenever that is.

  • Chriz

    Such a quality interview. I loved this one. Defgrip Originals are the best! I’m huge into photography, and it’s very cool to see inspirational, chill guys like this in the industry who take their career and work this seriously, and at the same time are very professional about it all. I would love to aspire to be Jeff Z some day. Keep it up!

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