David Kelley “Design Thinking”


There is a great article with David Kelley, the founder of Ideo, one of the most important design firms in the world, on the Fast Company site. The article touches a bit about Kelley’s life and his battle with cancer, but the article focuses on Kelley’s idea of “Design Thinking”. Designing experiences rather than objects. The read is really great and definitely inspires you to open your thought spectrum up a bit. (via surfstation)

Check it out the article here.

“The rest of the world defines design as an artistic discipline,” he says. “They were taught culture. I wasn’t taught who painted anything. So as Americans, we’re at a disadvantage.”

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  1. Ardelean says:

    Great article! He’s got good taste in cars. Quiksilver worked with Ideo recently and it was a great experience.

  2. Jainlal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I happened to get a glimps of your idea of design thinking in “Publicschool insights interview”

    I am a teacher of english in an arts & science college in Kerala India. I am facinated by the idea of blending a pinch of creativity with basic analytical thinking to make a dramatic transformation. The basic problem of the students in India is their belief that they cannot be creative. If we teachers can convince them that creativity is a talent thay are born with, it may create a great difference. I wish to learn more about design thinking and see in what ways we can apply it in our classroms.

    I serve as a teacher trainer too. So whatever information or practical knowledge I get can be transfered to a generation of teachers.

    I am eager to know if there are any free websites I can brows in for detailed and authentic information and details

    I will be looking forward to your reply.


  3. Daisy says:

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