Cory Beal: Random iPhone Photos


Check out some random photos from Repset’s Cory Beal.

Only picking five photos was way harder than I thought it would be. I moved to Winnipeg almost a full year ago, and got my phone a couple months after getting here. Winnipeg is one of the craziest cities ever and I have tons of photos of random bottles of mouthwash on the sidewalk, and a 10 pound bag of raw meat in an alleyway, but I wanted to include photos with a half decent story behind them that show some of the best nights with the best dudes from one of the best scenes I’ve ever been a part of. 204!

1. I thought I’d include this one because the new BMXFU video, FUTU is dropping really soon. Greg and Alex were two of the many many dudes who came through Winnipeg to ride this summer. I went outside a couple hours after they left in the morning to find this painted on the side of my apartment building.


2. If you’ve been to Winnipeg, you met Dave McNabb and you know he is the nicest dude ever. For some reason he always gets himself into the worst (best) situations despite that. One time he was taking a piss at a bar and heard a dude challenge his friend to punch the next guy he saw in the face five times. Dave was super nice and just wanted to know why that guy punched him in the face for no reason, but thought better of being Mr Nice Guy and bottled that asshole in the middle of the dance floor. Turns out I actually went to school with that dude in like Grade 2. Anyway, on the night of this picture, Dave was trying to be Mr. Nice Guy and get some girls to stop fighting eachother, and one of them smashed him in the head with her cellphone.


3. This bridge spans across one of Winnipeg’s busiest streets, which is also part of a highway that runs all the way across Canada. Ever since I moved to Winnipeg I thought it needed a bit more decoration. Looking back now I realize that I probably could have died. This picture reminds me of hanging out with the crew, having a couple drinks, and riding our bikes to a party no matter how far it was. It looks like absolute shit and is a constant reminder not to paint anything when I’m drunk or hanging precariously over traffic.


4. My friend Eric is the best. He is a Lucky drinking extraordinaire. Eric was in the parking lot of this restaurant he delivered pizza for when he got run over by his friend’s huge truck. When his friend realized what he had done, he reversed and ran Eric’s leg over again. This happened in August and he’s still not back on the bike yet, so hopefully he gets better soon. He rides a Fit and got it super pimped out a couple days before the accident, and I think we wrote Fitlife just so he’d be psyched to get back on the whip when his leg is bolted back together.


5. This photo is a great reason why I love Winnipeg, and miss summer. Secret Spot #324. I had to punch hundred of babies and sign a contract in blood for David to show me this spot. It’s not even that secret since you can see it from the road. Winnipeg has millions of gems like this. These fullpipes are full of asbestos, and used to be lined with bricks. There’s another one just to the right of the picture with both ends capped, and homeless people live inside of it during the summer. Good dudes, perfect weather, good spots. See you in the summer?

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  1. davey says:

    dude, the peg looks sweet, ive met some hottys from there that live out bc now, you guys should do a van trip, theres chillas here

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