Chris Duncan Clothing

So, has anyone been wondering what’s up with all the Chris Duncan comments on Defgrip and The Come Up? There was a pretty funny photo of Cory Nastazio in a thong that was linked in one of them today and Adam had to get to the bottom of it. A lot of the comments had phone numbers with them, so Adam decided to give the number a call and see what was up. The video above documents his conversation.  The thing I like best about all this is the phone number stuff? Who puts their phone numbers in comments… Actually, who still even uses a phone? Doesn’t everyone just text, facebook, email and instant message now? I wish Adam had a louder speaker phone, but none the less, it’s pretty funny that he called him!

6 responses to “Chris Duncan Clothing”

  1. A22 says:

    God bless that man.

  2. shoe-g says:

    ohhh so funny.
    I was also wondered about Chris Duncan Clothing.

  3. joecookie says:

    Yeah Duncan!
    Love this guy.

  4. really says:

    “My friend Cory Nastazio is cool, which practically makes me cool too.”

  5. Right on,yes it does just like in 1997.
    “I’m one Of Cory NAstazio’s bois.
    Wouldn’t you be stoked if you could say that you’re best friends with MIck JAgger.

    I mean SHITTTTT.
    Takes one to know one dude.

  6. Jerri says:

    A financial advisor is your planning associate.