Cellphone Light


You ever get into a situation where you are trying to shoot a photo in low light and all you have is your cell phone? It happens to me almost every day, especially when I’m dragging around my $30,000 digital back for my medium format camera. If you are just like me, you should watch this video… haha… Actually it’s pretty cool. The video shows this photographer messing around with his cell phone as a light source. I came across the post on the Strobist and they have an interesting writeup about using your iPhone, or cell phone to help light your photos…

Check the post out here, and watch the video after the jump –

8 responses to “Cellphone Light”

  1. Hello Jann

    Great Idea….what about noise from such a long exposure?

    Also, I LOVE that music….can you tell who it is…I need this music for my studio.

    Thank you


  2. jason- says:

    I’m gonna try that with everything now. haha! thanks HB!

  3. A22 says:

    That was so cool.

  4. juse says:

    I have been using my laptop screen as a lightsource for product photos on a couple of occasions over the last few years. It works really well if you create a single color (or even gradient) graphic and make it full screen in Photoshop.

  5. todd says:

    I like his stylish cardboard trousers.

  6. Kevin says:

    I was thinking about all these new micro-projectors that are coming out that are barely bigger than cell phones as light sources for motion picture stuff… glad to see that these alternative lighting set ups can be used for big-shot commercial looking things too!

  7. nanoo.net says:

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