Ray Theiler – 180 Toboggan

It was getting towards the end of a session at a local skatepark, and a few of us were starting to call it an early night since the place was so slippery. It was actually getting a little scary, as our front tires were actually washing out just nosing in to the spine. Somehow Ray Theiler was unaffected by the conditions, and was tearing around the park like it was no problem.

Ray has a really casual yet fast style, and was really boosting the ramps. We ended up shooting a few photos in the last 15 minutes of the night, and luckily avoided any injuries caused by the terrible conditions.

Ben Austin

9 responses to “BEN AUSTIN @ RANDOM”

  1. Zack Shoom says:

    No shit he wouldn’t slip, look at that tire!

  2. Kurt says:

    Yeah Ben and Ray!!

  3. Ben says:

    Hah! Believe it or not the knobbies didn’t make it any easier. The place needs to be mopped so bad!

  4. BJ says:

    Awesome picture, but people need to stop giving that skatepark money. Gross all day

  5. Peterg says:

    i have seen some great photos come from bens camera.

  6. Straightup says:

    That skatepark is really gaypark. if it needs a mop then mop it yo. sweep. if you think about it the park isnt going to do it.. so if ya wana waste your money then wine about it being slippery your lazy. all you gotta do is…umm do it your damn self.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Yeah Ray!!! Nice pic!!! Showcase has got to be one of the worst parks around though!

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