Rich just sent over a sneak peek of Chase Dehart’s Lotek shoe.

According to Rich, Chase’s shoe is based off a slimmed down throwback and will have double thick insoles and a stiffer/more durable sole compound, as will the rest of the 09 Lotek line.

Full pic after the gap jump, and keep checking Lotek for info.


  1. joe G says:

    So does that mean the entire 2009 Lotek line is vulcanized? If it does mean that, I’d like to say to Rich Hirsch, please don’t abandon the non-vulc loteks. A lot of people really like those and don’t wanna wear vulcanized, me included. Not bagging on lotek…I’m saying this because I really love the old models and want to continue to buy loteks…but if they’re all vulcanized, I can’t continue to buy them.

  2. alex says:

    i cant wear the vulc loteks cause i dont care for the grip of the shoes. the nightolfs in the all black are good and even though my red and whites are a bit worn they still grip pretty good. its weird. deff dont get rid of those. gum soles are amazing. bring more of those!

  3. Drew K says:

    Lookin good.

  4. Lee Kid says:

    I think these look really nice!
    I find that vulc feels and looks much better than non, though I guess it is personal preference.
    Can’t wait to see the rest!

  5. Zack Shoom says:

    Bring back the OG series. I would kill for a pair of Delta’s/ Throwbacks. Best shoe ever to touch BMX by far.

  6. snakebite says:

    vulc breaks down too fast. specially if your brakeless

  7. Zach says:

    ^ Which are very large number of people are these days!

  8. tito says:

    Wow those are fucking disgusting. Lotek is a fucking joke. Please Rich leave bmx forever, well with the way the economy is you definitely will.

  9. Loyd says:

    Stick with the gum soles. They grip better, and the vulc’s feel like you’re wearin boots even when there broken in

  10. Phil says:

    i agree. original loteks were the best ridin shoes if had and these new vulcanized ones look and ride like shit. please rich hirsch go back to original gum soles. no ones buyin lotek in 09 if theyre vulcanized

  11. dirty harry says:

    damn, tito is fuckin harsh. ill rock those rich, thanks again for the free shoes all those months ago

  12. rich says:

    still making shoes on the orignal sole too… Also working on a new sole that’s a bit different from what’s out there now. Will probably make some chase shoes on the og sole next time around too.

  13. cj says:

    Not gonna lie, i was stoked on those Dak blue ones you posted awhile ago. when are those coming out

  14. 20twenty says:

    these look as good as I had hoped, although I must say I wish they were on the og sole. Not for me as I like the vulc sole but I know a lot of folks were under the impression these were on the old sole and looking forwards to them.

  15. i like to ride my bike says:

    those are kick ass, i would like it all blackk.

  16. ohio (tom) says:

    Wasn’t into them at first glance but somehow they have grown on me. I want some.

  17. chris says:

    thanks for puttin in on bmx. but the og deltas/trooper were the tits. and then last few seasons of Lotek’s not that hot or durable. not tryin to bash anyone, but have imput.

  18. ognok says:

    i gotta agree with alot of dudes on here, but the best loteks ever made had to be the troops and the brooklyns hands down.
    the new loteks aren’t that good rich, i got every color of the troops and brooks till this day! these new ones up top arent that bad just keep it black and white then we’ll talk.

  19. sam says:

    Bring out a raw wash version, you know like un-died they’d be sick.

  20. adam says:

    I think its really really dissapointing that a company can go from “Practical bmxer” shoe like the brooklyns and throwback that offered ankle support and a decent sole, to ripping of the latest fashion of “half cab” style vans that arent even suitable to walk in a strait line. I have bough nothin but loteks since the first troops i saw (2005?) but because looking cool is now more importaint the lookin after bmxer bum ankles, vander 2 here i come. lotek, you fail.

  21. trevor says:

    agreed, i wish mr rich would read some of this. I understand some people just gotta be cool cats know days. But some people fuckin loved the brooklyns. They where that good, as the troops and old delta’s. We should make a petition demanding rich on co pull their heads out of skaters/fashions arse hole and give the street riders somthing they want.

  22. joe says:

    negative are we rich? Thumbs down to us eh?

    Well thumbs down to lotek.
    Thumbs down to poor (but trendy) made shoes.
    Thumbs up some skate brand or orchid.

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