Just a reminder that S&M will be having a premiere for I Wanna Live tomorrow (12.20.08) at S&M.

Just for good measure, check out the “I Wanna Live” trailer HERE.

Click below for flyer.

17 responses to “S&M- I WANNA LIVE PREMIERE”

  1. dikealishishhhhh says:

    i already got the videooo
    riding wise ehh whatever
    but legends that are in it make up for it
    and berringer does some wierddddd shitttt

    i thing nike6 video ruined any video from now on ha the riding was soooo next levelllll
    no one can keep upppp

  2. clickedbmx says:

    I think the above statement is way off base. The nike video is awesome if all you love is barspins, smith grinds, bitch cranks, and tailwhips.

  3. Andrew says:

    i couldn’t care two shits about the nike video. kids doing the latest shit, trying to “progress.” the s&m team is a bunch of dudes that ride how they want, and would be riding the same way if whatever amount of money they make and fame they have was taken away. that’s why they have a legendary team and thats why they have a legendary company.

  4. Retract your dumb statement dikealisshishhhhh. S&M has been around forever with a team that shreds and doesn’t give a shit. Nike 6.0 can’t hang with good ol fashioned partying and shredding.

  5. Oh and I can’t wait for this tomorrow! Fuck yes.

  6. J says:

    This video is really amazing, unfortunately the kids now won’t understand it because it’s all about what’s hot and everything being perfect, but that’s for team sports, not bmx, bmx is about having fun and being different, and that’s what the S&M video is. Mr. Utley and the S&M team, hats off to you guys, great job capturing the real side of bmx all these deluded jock kids will never get.

  7. Drew K says:

    Hell yeah clickedbmx! All the Nike video was, was a contest to see which team rider could have the most barspins in one line. The winner, of course, being Garrett. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Nike team are some of the least creative riders in BMX at the moment.

  8. tylerj says:

    way too much hostility take it in for what it is,
    or go ride your bike?

  9. Nuno says:

    Embrace all riding styles.

  10. jason- says:

    Just do your thing. But have the best time of your life in the process.

  11. Regreting is at optimum performance.

  12. dikealishishhhhh says:

    nahhhhh i loved the vid i was just saying riding wise if your looking for all the new next level bullshit then this aint it yooooo!!
    why the fuck you think i bought it???
    i knew it would probably be like thatt
    ahhhhh and i loved stricklers part mainly cause its all tables
    and berriengers ppart is suppa sick too

  13. explodingboy says:

    i went to this with a few friends. the video was way tight. lots of cool people, good food & good times.

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